This is a list of items kept on hand mostly for emergency situations. The parts catalog is as thick as a Dallas telephone directory and we would need a building the size of a Super WalMart to stock every item for every cart. However, if ordered before 2:00 P.M. parts can be received around noon the next day.

4 gauge Battery Cable sets

6 gauge Battery Cable sets

4 gauge battery cable ends

6 gauge battery cable ends

Universal fuel gauge

12" Windshield extrusions

Windshield Bottom Bumpers (large)/pair

Windshield Bumpers (small/set of 4)

Windshield Top Clips 1" (set of 2)

Windshield Bottom Clips 1" (set of 2)

Tube Caps

48 volt Club Car F/R Switch

48 volt Club Car Receptacle & Fuse Kit

48 volt Club Car MCOR & Adapter

Club Car Power Drive 2 Charger Relay Board Assembly

Club Car Charger Rectifier

E-Z-Go Heat Sink

Battery Hold Down Rods...Misc

Fuses, 50 & 60 amp

Solenoids, 48 & 36 volt for Club, EZGO & Yamaha

Tune up Kits for Club, EZGO & Yamaha

Keys for Club, EZGO, Yamaha & Melex