Lifted Carts

If you just finished lifting your cart and take it for a spin only to realize the wheel on the rear driver's side is locking up:

A.) you don't need to adjust your brakes(some models cannot be adjusted anyway),

B.) you don't need to buy a passenger side brake cable (even though you can because it is longer),

C.) it is not your motor locking up (as one mechanic told me that was my problem).

The driver's side cable is just long enough to reach the brakes so when you put the spacer on the axle and tighten the u-bolts this in effect pulled the brake pads into the drum.

Here is the fix:

Loosen the u-bolts (all 8 nuts) and tighten the forward nuts more than the rear. This tips the axle back, loosening the brake cable. Your forward u-bolts will have nearly twice the amount of thread hanging below the nut.

If your lift kit only has 2 nuts per side this won't work for you. In that case just bite the bullet and buy a passenger side cable.